Smartphones for women


Satisfy all sorts of needs of Selfie Enthusiasts

Keecoo K1 features a front facing LED flash. Now you can take selfies in the dark environment, and capture every beautiful side of you.

Your personal photographer

The Keecoo K1 wakens the true potential of your front front facing lenses. It automatically makes your skin look delicate and smooth. You’re going to look stunning from now on.

13MP Sony Camera, Ultimate selfie software

  • 6P Lenses

  • 13MP Sony sensor

One of the best beauty APP on the market is developed by our software team, and we’re using it on the K1. You have 7 facial beautification levels, gesture and smile recognition, all kinds of shooting modes.

Intelligent Selfie software

Advanced algorithm of the beauty APP keep your facial details and automatically beautify your skin. No matter if you're in any kind of complex light condition, you can alway capture the best side of you.

The rear camera that can take up the challenges

The pictures taken are sharp and clear even if when you zoom in.

Sony 13MP image sensor, 6P lenses, quick PDAF focus and ultra bright dual LED flash, Keecoo K1 packs the flagship hardware to make the impossible possible.

Enhanced HDR

With the F2.0 big aperture, more light would come into the camera and the enhanced HDR technique let you capture more detailed and sharp images even in low light condition.

Continuous Shooting Mode

The continuous shot photo shooting mode lets you capture up to 40 photos with one touch. Long press the physical camera button and let the K1 capture the motion.

Never been such easy to take good pictures

Super fast PDAF focus and quick shutter speed allow you to capture the most sudden moments instantly.

High-fidelity level music experience.

Enjoy lossless and high-fidelity level music, you’ll be impressed by the loud sound, deep bass, clear and crisp music.

Independent audio decoder chip, high quality sound

Featuring independent audio decoder chip for audio output. The sound dynamic range is extremely good, and it bring you the most clear and powerful sound. At the same time, this chip not only improves your headphone sound quality, but al makes your phone calls louder and clearer.

The third generation NXP Smart PA

You'll be impressed by the loud sound, deep bass, clear and crisp music. The third generation NXP smart PA and properly software adjustment provides a feast for the ears of any music lover.

Lose yourself in an astonishing display

Reading books, watching movies and playing games have never been so enjoyable. The Keecoo K1 prevents the visual fatigue by decreasing the amount of blue-ray coming out of the display.

Incredible visual experience

  • View Angle

  • Contrast Ratio

  • Luminance

  • Color Gamut

  • Sharp Display

  • Visual protection

The Keecoo K1 has Negative liquid crystal technology, 178°view angle within 5 inch HD screen, high contrast, high brightness, vivid retina display, MiraVision image processing engine. All of these features are packed to provide you the outstanding visual experience.

Customized size for women, comfortable one-hand operation

Thanks to the compact ergonomical design, the Keecoo K1 not only gives you incredibly comfortable grip feeling, but also let you easily operate the phone with one hand.

Hit the sweet point with compact design

We use the most preferable and comfortable 5” display on the K1. The large 85% Screen-to-Body ratio allows you to handle the phone with single hand.

Clean and Safe glass

We wanna keep your smartphone clean and safe enough, so we use the Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass on K1, which kills 99% of the bacteria on the mobile surface.

Tough and Clean, Antimicrobial Glass

  • Safe

  • Clean

  • Durable

  • Tough

The smartphone screen has 20 times as many bacteria than your average toilet seat. We use the Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass to keep your clean and offers the same toughness and scrath resistance.

The art of engineering and aesthetic,
The complexity of simplicity

  • ●CNC Metal frame

  • ●Symmetrical design

  • ●Curved backing

The unique design of Hexagonal “Double V” stands out from ordinary smartphones. Precisely cut CNC metal frame join the curved back cover smoothly. In order to achieve the absolute symmetrical design, our industrial designers spent months on the internal structure and component placement.

Unbelievable fast system

The Keecoo K1 performs rapidly in all kinds of situations like watching videos, playing games, taking pictures.

Excellent hardware combinations, Stable and Fast

Keecoo K1 packs 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, comprising the Quad-core processor. The phone can easily handle multi-tasks, big games and streaming videos.

Unbelievable fast system

The Keecoo K1 performs rapidly in all kinds of situations like watching videos, playing games, taking pictures.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Best Android system ever

Get ready for Android 6.0 Marshmallow! You have the Google integration, MicroSD support, Convenient Internal storage and file managing system, higher security, and much more.

The Doze, Intelligent battery management

The biggest thing in Marshmallow, the Doze recognizes if your device is being used or not. The phone enters hibernation mode when it’s been lying on a bed for a while.

IP64 certified

IP64 is a certified dust proof and water splash proof rating. It has complete protection from dust and splash water.